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Source Three merge, It looks like git-am is in progress. Cannot rebase

Go to Actions -> Open in Terminal. Then type

git am --resolved

Then minimize the terminal and look into the SourceTree commits. New files for merge should appear as uncommitted. Resolve the next conflicts and then get back to the terminal and execute

git am --resolved

I had a case where my merge process stuck at already resolved so I escaped to the next conflict with:

git am --skip

Then resolve the next change.... Once all conflicts are resolved, then they can be seen int he SourceTree history explorer. Not in proper order, but there. Note be careful when merge to get the most resent code since the commits are not ordered ascending by date in the diff patch. There may be a way to be done, but I didn't get so far. If the rebase process is not fully completed is can be aborted from the SourceTree terminal:

git am --abort

I had to perform of course additional after merge actions to align everything , but this at least helped me to get from very tough merge situation.