SharePoint SPFx Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already error

The problem - SharePoint app catalog package error

The case was that we were trying to deploy SharePoint Framework solution package (.sppkg) to the site collection app catalog. Instead of success got that error in the SharePoint app catalog list ('App Package Error Message' field):

Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already

Case 1 - When pushing package to App Catalog an error is appearing saying - Component ID {0} exists in solution {1} already - even after removing packages and adding package again

To resolve that we have to remove solutions related to the components, the ones that had the component before and the one that has the component now. Go to the list "/Lists/ComponentManifests/" and remove the entries related to the components that are packaged on the solutions being uploaded and then upload solutions to app catalog again.

Case 2 - Duplicated SPFx web part ID

Well it is a human error. It appeared that we have duplicate webpart ID in another SPFx solution package already installed in the app catalog. So be careful when you copy SharePoint Framework wepbarts from one solution into another or within the same one.

Conclusion - SPFx webpart ID should be unique

Sometimes SharePoint does not clean up properly and we have to do that cleanup. Other times could be human error having duplicate manifest IDs in two different sppkg solution packages.

Note there is a third place where the SPFx stores manifests and this is /ClientSideAssets document library, but I have not experienced issues during deployment with that.

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